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Common Questions


Dive into our FAQs for clear, concise answers on how SC Consulting empowers your team, secures your operations, and transforms cybersecurity challenges into strategic advantages.

Will strengthening my cybersecurity with your services improve my business reputation?

Absolutely. By showing a commitment to protecting customer data through our cybersecurity measures, you’ll build trust and enhance your brand’s reputation, potentially increasing customer loyalty and attracting new business.

Can you decrypt files locked by ransomware without paying the ransom?

Our team specializes in incident response, including ransomware attacks. While decryption without a key can be challenging, we employ advanced techniques and collaborate with global decryption communities to recover your data whenever possible.

What if I suspect an insider threat in my organization?

SC Consulting swiftly addresses insider threats with comprehensive investigations, insider threat detection, and tailored incident response strategies to protect your assets and maintain business integrity.

How quickly can you respond if we detect a breach?

Our incident response team is on standby to act swiftly and efficiently at the first sign of a breach, minimizing damage and initiating recovery processes to restore security and operations as quickly as possible.

Do you offer ongoing monitoring to detect potential threats before they escalate?

Yes, our attack surface management service includes continuous monitoring of your digital environment, allowing us to detect and neutralize threats before they can exploit vulnerabilities.

How does SC mitigate human error risks?

Our unique, engaging security awareness training sessions transform cybersecurity from a chore into an interactive experience, turning your team into alert, proactive defenders against cyber threats.

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